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Friday, 19 June 2009

Bloody Expenses!

The Deeper Issues?

Mr Justice Coleridge launched a scathing attack on the breakdown of family life and the lack of approbation for promiscuous behaviour. This is just one of many things that are no longer on the agenda. Our failed economy, that has barely touched MPs, Ministers, Bankers, celebrities or other Ascot goers. Wimbledon will still pay extortionate prizes, footballers will get ever larger wage packets. The poor get poorer and the once natural escape through education, is the plaything of a Government for whom power through incompetence is the holy grail.

What are we obsessing over? MPs expenses. They have reached this Monty Python parody of a sketch because the lazy, apathetic and selfish electorate have let it happen. Do you really think things will change? Just the wording and/or description will alter. For example, France and Holland gave a thumbs down to a European Constitution and federal state. So what happens? Call it a treaty. The Irish chuck that out, make them vote again but change the wording.

Depressing and pathetic, what is to be done? Get rid of Brown, Mandleson and Labour for a start. Do it so completely as to scare the other two parties into being a Government and no longer a socialist fiefdom or personal cash point.

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