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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Back Into The Classroom?

Our Masters Have Let Us Have A Bit Of Fun!

So they let us out to vote. We told them, indeed we roared our discontent and passion for change, those of us with the nuance to bother. It was such fun but then they rounded us up with newly appointed, even more thick and doltish SS and are now busy corralling our thoughts and freedoms once more. Meanwhile note their troughing zsars are quietly being brought back in to overhaul the "shower fittings" in readiness for yet more cleansing and purging of a docile and acquiescent people. Basically back to supine normal.

Meanwhile misappropriation of funds, sexual joy and paedophilia continues to blossom for the chosen few, now feeling that at least 11 more months of this joy might be enough to last them until they get other honours and stolen privileges. Even more promising for Jimmy's chosen elite is the chance to "reform" constitutional matters. What dread that fills me with. The last one hope for salvation? Would you believe, mass unrest and strikes, oil prices through the roof and total economic collapse realised by all. Trouble is that pain may be unbearable.

My one hope of sanity is that my new found buddy and me can produce visual images to garner the awfulness of this failed Government of null talent. Look out for a series of rogues galleries! Observe this one below for the last chance to see it relatively normal. Honest, this pic has not been doctored, yet!


  1. If it's as good as the other one below, can't wait!

  2. It's early days. I'm dreading my buddy will demand royalties!