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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

All Hail The New Reformer?

Nothing Ever Changes!

"The first moves to reform parliament get under way today with the publication of a Bill on standards and the Prime Minister meeting new Speaker John Bercow."
How cosy is that?

MPs caught milking a flawed system of their own design vote into The Speaker's chair a man as venal, greedy and rich, through dubious flipping, as themselves. I despair. After all the previous weeks of exposure, over three hundred (mostly Labour) disgusting, disgraceful dishonourable members vote in a leader of trough experts. Reformer? Yup, a man who will leave no stone unturned in a quest to create a 20 year period in office of such massive remuneration even Fondlebum and Phony will be envious. Whilst our useless pantomime of a Parliament huff and puff over directives from The Brussels Mafia Commission, the rest of us are left speechless at the chutzpah of these so called representatives.
Well, we can suppose around 270 of these club members have a modicum of decency and a vague memory of the downtrodden electorate that put them there. Not much use though.


  1. Of all the DECENT MP's there are (both Con and Lab) couldn't they find 10 to choose from that didn't have scandal attached to them?

    As you said, I despair!

  2. Bercow is trouble! He might as well be Labour now.