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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Why Don't They Resign Immediately?

Because They Forfeit A Huge Pay Off?

Ho ho, ho ho, it's stand down how we will go, a bucket of dosh left in my trough, ho ho, ho ho, ho ho!

So that's why they don't resign. Following The Unspeakable Speaker in booking one last massive handout. Shameless and greedy sods. My MP was asked yesterday about his monthly food allowance being greater than a pensioner's total income. The gist of the reply was "So what"! Their pay off will exceed significantly the individual pension funds they allowed to be raped and pillaged. Despicable, make them go now!


  1. This might just have legs and force an election, thus they would still qualify for the truffles!

  2. Christopher Fraser will step down as MP

    another Tory bites the dust
    Happy days

  3. Even happier days when Labour are marmalsed. Counting the days!

  4. Exactly the right comparison, a public servants food allowance being more than the total income of an OAP. That really does say it all.

  5. We want the fraudsters and tax dodgers prosecuted NOW and the flippers and fiddlers OUT of Parliament NOW. A general election next month would be best but Snotty will cling on like a limpet so a series of by elections is the only other acceptable way forward.

  6. I don't know what is holding them back, they were off the mark pronto in that sordid Damian Green affair.
    I see Snotty has disappeared from the national scene yet again, desperately plotting how he can hold on to power for another year. Meanwhile the self confessed fraudsters are being allowed to continue troughing so as to milk us for another year.
    It is going to have to be riots in the streets if this goes on much longer, how else is the public to be heard!