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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Who Cost US The Most?


Let's just consider the state of the parties in monetary terms. Who costs the most over and above the trillions Jim Snot has so joyously pissed up the wall? In the top twenty top of the pops in claims are 16 Labour MPs, including Liam Byrne. Their total, 2005-2008, a whopping 6 million, 173 thousand, 124 quid of our money! The Tory top twenty total, 872,526 smackers. So if you want value for money and a future without Labour, vote Conservative. Just look at those numbers.


  1. Well done OR. I can see you've spent the day with your calculator clutched in your hand. Much appreciated though, thanks.

  2. In between gardening and selling local cider at a charity bash!

  3. Why are they so suprised that many people are angry? Is it that have no idea of how many are now worse off, permanently, because of government financial policies in the last few years? What is barmier that this one has been coming since 2005.

  4. Been absent, mea culpa. France beckoned. Had a great chat with a restaurateur, who wanted to know why we weren't angry about the expenses scandal. She said that their "parliament" was rotten, but nothing compared to ours. She reckoned the frogs would have had a few heads off by now.

    Anyway, bonnet de douche and all that. Sorry to disagree with the last bit of your post mate.

    A vote for the tories is a vote for the same cack that we've put up with for the last 12 years, in my view.

    Cameron is as good as useless, his hoon MPs are as grasping as the "socialists" and limp dems. I could go on, but I need to take my medication....

    Time for a total clearout - vote away from the three mainstreamers.

  5. "Sorry to disagree with the last bit of your post mate."

    No problem, at least people are taking an interest and DC is a saint compared to Snotty Jim!