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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wee Dougie Hates Soldiers?

Smug Mini-Midget.

As Jimmy begins to offer his mumbled condolences to our departed soldiers, head down and with a monotonous, emotionless and impatient voice, this little piece, scraped off his master's scruffy shoe, starts to yammer to his neighbour. Not visible is the obvious rebuff. Embarrassing, arrogant and disrespectful little moron. So very typical of Jimmy Snotty's fading power and authority. Here was a moment for a Speaker to reprimand a little fellow. Did not even notice, did our Unspeakable Speaker. It really is time for change.

As for my conspiracy theory. Still running, as Pravda trotted out two seemingly squeaky clean Labour MPs. Not of course the lowest claimant in The House. He's Tory MP for Kettering.
Breaking News!

Andrew Mackay resigns as DC's aide.

A potential scalp for Jimmy, falls on his sword for Dave. Nice try, Jim but Dave's ahead again! Has The Tory Leadership knowledge of Gordo and Mandy's plot? Has my Downing Street Mole struck again. Remember why Churchill could not defend Coventry? Is Oldrightie so daft after all? Don't answer that last one!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Coventry? I remember that night, we were only a few miles away

  2. Do you recall the code and spy related information behind not intercepting this raid? One of my anecdotes from that night is that gun barrels melted in the mayhem and intensity of firing. Dresden was the pay back, rightly or wrongly.

  3. What an arrogant little sh!te Alexander is and you know I seldom swear. Along with many in Scottish labour he has certainly caught the Westminster bug.

  4. Subrosa, how's my conspiracy theory looking?