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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Typical Brown Week and It's Only Wednesday!

Drat! Still over 12 Months to go but we have a taster next month!


Hazel Blears, "You YouTube if you want to".

Joanna (fragrant) Lumley, "PM snub to The Gurkhas"

Charles Clarke "Ashamed to be a Labour member"

House prices continue to decline.

GORDON Brown’s campaign to give parents more power in schools was branded a gimmick by teachers yesterday.


The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) said in 2009 the country's GDP could contract by 4.3%, and then grow in 2010 by 0.9%.

This huge experiment has failed.
It was the largest peacetime rise in public spending that has ever taken place.

It was meant to be fightback day. But before long it was beginning to feel like groundhog day.

Brown's Government is badly run... say 20,000 civil servants who work for him.

Labour may lose all its county councils in local election drubbing.

Ombudsman's Equitable Life report blasts the government for 'injustice unremedied'.

Brown told by MPs: Royal Mail plan may be your suicide note.

I really could carry on with this litany of failure for just today. Let us also look briefly at the last 12 years. Child poverty, social mobility, pensions, savings, housing, mass immigration, law and order, erosion of civil liberties, EU manifesto pledge broken, income tax pledge broken. Public Transport shambolic, roads a mess, taxation higher than ever. Somebody this week pointed out that the average tax payer pays £50 a DAY in tax! All this failure before we consider "No more boom and bust" Browneconomics clowning.
So, who should we vote for in this and next year's elections?

Gordon's Hero?


  1. He sounded very "downfall" at PMQs!

  2. True OR the list is endless isn't it. It's certainly been an eye opener to me the past 12 years if only to show the lack of common sense most of them have.

    Do wonder schools are dumbing down education with a government so poor intellectually. Gordon Brown still gets praise from various quarters about his financial wizardry and wizardry it is. I doubt if he could even handle my monthly budget.

  3. It's only been two weeks since the budget! Select committee just panned that and the lovely and fragrant Joanna has just painted mcTwat into a corner on the gurkha issue.

  4. This is a pretty scathing dig at Labour's record of education.

    Britain has world class skills: you have to be joking