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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Two more Kings of Expenses.

Hey, Poverty and Deprivation is for The Little People.

Two sides of the same coin. How shitty, anger making and awful is this? I suspect I now share the humiliation of Labour activists and the shame they have been forced to endure these past few days. This pompous little git has been lauded as some kind of special chap with some sort of great intellect. Turns out he is just another grasping arsehole and a really great friend of our Jack The Fucking Lad.

Now both guys dropped the Joe 90 specs but their makeovers were probably done by the same beauty salon. Nobody told either twat that turd polishing didn't work. Mind you we probably paid for the pair of shits to be made presentable. As long as their greedy, arrogant, clubby sense of elite superiority was never found out, then all was well. Come on Cameron, ditch the shameful bastards and show some balls. Snotty Jimmy hasn't got the guts. Mind you, a General Election would be most interesting.
Conservative activists deserve better. Socialists always were moronic and greedy bastards. Some blue water please, with a heavy dose of bleach.

As for these expensive renovation claims just before flogging properties at a huge profit and stamp duty avoidance, pay the "flipping" money back, you bastards. All of you.


  1. You think they will? Dream on OR, they think they're above the law.

  2. This must be like a dream come true for the BNP.

    I think people expect toffs to fiddle with wimmin, rather than with money, so this episode just serves to put them on even LOWER moral ground than the the sociaslist scum, who always end up with their fingers in the till, to some extent.

    Cameron needs to grow some serious balls, and start pruning his team or votes will leech away to the fringe parties, methinks.

  3. ....BTW, isn't that Gove a pencil-necked little shite?

  4. I can't stand Gove, he epitomises what people think a Tory looks like. A turdy, nerdy looking little creep. Cameron should do the decent thing and get everyone to pay all the money they stole back!

  5. The next decent thing, and this is a golden opportunity so to do, is to dump the thieving toffs who infest the Tories, and relace them with real people.

    Maude, Gove et al. People just don't connect to such ponces any more.

    Just a thought.......

  6. thieving toffs who infest the Tories,

    Not just the Tories!