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Sunday, 31 May 2009

This Guy Really Does Swing Both Ways!

The One Flashing His Ankles Is Mooted To Be The Chancellor of The Exchequer.

Is there any further Jimmy Snot can go to pour yet more excrement on this beleaguered Nation? Lord Fondlebum hates Cojones Minor so Snot picker Supreme says I'll give you The Foreign Office and all those lovely young and effete juniors to play with. All your trips to Brazil at the mug taxpayers' expense. So when asked, oh so sweetly, by another two way, double entry "friend", Andy Jugs, Fondlebum creamed himself with the most unctuous smirk ever.
So this new inner circle, (pun intended) will be a threesome and their cost to us all increase substantially as Bollocks by name, challenged by nature, Blinky, screws us even more.
My fellow citizens you and I are being buggered senseless by this excuse of a cabal of dysfunctional, mendacious, greedy turd burglars. What is even worse their ugly character is writ all over their smug faces and still we take the rogering. Forget the expenses crap. That's human nature. These people are beyond and above all this little people stuff.

"We must be mad".


  1. Amazing, whilst their journos slag off Labour their editor and bum chum continues his love affair with JIMMY AND A PEERAGE!

  2. Not really much we can do is there besides pick them off one by one with a rifle and blame it on the Taleban!

    It's up to Dave to make more fuss. Infact, if the Conservatives had been a proper opposition party all along, things wouldn't even got so bad in the first place.

  3. "if the Conservatives had been a proper opposition party all along,"
    Thanks to Labour dirty tricks since Kinnock lost, we have been in the wilderness a long time. 2001 was the worst year to be a Tory. 2005 was much better and now it's almost enjoyable!

  4. Andy And Ed! They will make the best comedy team since Hilda Baker and Cynthia.

  5. Aye Sue, I was sickened to hear him go on about his presbyterian beliefs. But as Vronsky commented on my post Brown may firmly believe he's part of this:

    Jings OR, surely we have to insist we get legislation which allows the public to get rid of mad PMs as well as mad, thieving MPs.

  6. Jimmy is the answer to both these questions, Subrosa!

    "Will Satan be released from his prison for a short time after the 1,000 years? If so, what will he do when he's released?"

  7. Do they all find "God" because they've f*ck*d up so badly? Bliar is doing it too...

    I think they all go stark, raving, balmy and when all else fails, they find "God" and pretend they've been there all the time.

    Convenient, religious amnesia!

  8. You could be onto something, Sue. An awful lot of people hedge their bets as they get older!