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Friday, 29 May 2009

Roller Coaster Ride!

Weeks of front page Tory MP greed, inside pages of Cabinet Greed.

The local MP meeting, attempted EU campaigning, a young colleague verbally clobbered on the doorstep, morale rock bottom. All as Jim Snot wanted from the "plot".

Then along comes this uplifting poll. UKIP second to The Euro-sceptic Conservatives. Were this to happen, what joy. A virtual referendum. Watch Labour revert to their original anti-Europe stance as The Germans sacrifice Vauxall for Opel. Globalisation and The Federal Europe project get blown away. Then a resurgent, confident United Kingdom seizes the moment to once again belong to the people. The United Socialist Republic of Europe, (Nazi controlled Europe), fails for the second time. Quietly and hardly noticed, Cyclops gives pretend interviews to the walls. Bliss!!!!!!!!!!!

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