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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Out Working The Trail!

A busy day today leafleting then gardening. Utterly knackered but reasonably pleased with the time. A public meeting for our MP tomorrow, should be interesting. Will Oldrightie make SKY! As said before I won't comment on our chap since I am a minor official. The attitude to expenses seems to be calming down so the whole debacle just might end up a dampish squib!

I see Jimmy Snot popped up today. He's decided to tell The Europeans how to really bugger up any recovery. Such chutzpah for a klutz. I suspect we may soon be rid of him and Postman Al take over. Even more fun watching him attempt to grasp the greasy pole of Labour. Mind you I still believe this expenses stuff was all Downing Street's work. I probably might even miss having a Socialist Clown in Number 10, there again....................?

Anyhow, must grab some shuteye. More gardening and politics tomorrow!


  1. I'd pay to piss in that clown!

  2. Oh dear what a photo OR. We don't all look like that you know!

    I didn't see Gordon around but then I haven't watched television tonight as I was doing my best to start hanging baskets.

    Good luck with your public meeting.

  3. Dunne flipping or is he clean? Where is Lady Maude when you need her?


    Oh and by the way, as the BBC reported, correctly, I am one of the few MPs entitled to claim under the Additional Cost Allowance (which pays the cost of maintaining a second home so we can work in Westminster and our constituency, if outside London) who has not done so since elected in 2005.

    If rich MPs don't claim then £100 million becomes available!

  5. Pencil him in for a Cabinet post then!