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Thursday, 21 May 2009

My MP.

Bill Wiggin is my North Herefordshire (Leominster MP) and I offered him space today for anything he might wish to put out with regard to todays Telegraph item, regarding his expense claims. I therefore post his statement below and request any reasonable input on this and any other MPs publicity.

Mp Bill Wiggin is a keen motorcyclist aficiendo.

Bill's statement:

"I have not claimed a phantom mortgage. I have a real mortgage on my London second home. I have always claimed the mortgage interest on this house and have submitted my mortgage statement with my claim. The Mortgage statement makes it clear that I have a London mortgage and how much it is and how much interest I pay. I also submitted an internal form. My mistake was to put the wrong address on the internal form.
I have claimed the interest that I paid exactly and the statements and the forms all match. Yes I made a mistake by putting the wrong address on my internal forms and that is my fault. But it is not true that I have claimed public money on a mortgage that does not exist. It exists and I still pay it.
I do not wish to be grouped with MPs who have claimed for mortgages which do not exist. As soon as I was told that I had been filling the forms out wrong I stopped and did them correctly. It would have been helpful if the mistake I made on my internal forms had been pointed out to me earlier but because a mortgage statement was also submitted it is possible that nobody noticed.
I am committed to openness and support David Cameron's lead on sorting this out. I have not claimed any money that I should not have but regret that I wrote down the wrong details on the internal form. I shall still be holding my public meeting in Leominster at 4pm next Wednesday so that people can talk about this and I can answer their questions."



  1. He's too stupid to be an MP OR. He writes the wrong address on a form and it's a mistake?

    If that had happened to the likes of me I'd still be prosecuted for fraud.

    Get rid OR, there are far more intelligent people out there.

  2. Unfortunately what Subrosa has said is what alot of people will think too. These people are meant to be of above intelligence, these people are running our country for goodness sake.

    She is also correct when she says that the government is only too quick to grab it's wad from us "mere mortals" and if one of us "mere mortals" were to commit fraud against the Government, we'd get longer in prison than an illegal terrorist who raped 20 white women!

    He also claimed "£100,009 (17th)" for 07/08 staffing allowances. Now, you mean to tell me he hasn't at least hired a P.A. with enough brains to sort this stuff out for him? A good P.A. would know what was going on. Who is he hiring for over £100,000 a year and what the heck for?

    The simple fact of the matter is, that the expenses system allowed the MP's to be greedy, so they claimed for what they could and some chanced their arm with some extra's.

    Now, after all Brown has said about making sure that the guilty MP's would be sacked, he still has not moved against Blears, Hoon, Purnell and even Moran hasn't been arrested!

    We are still in that situation where their defence is "it was within the rules". Most people will tell you that they think MP's should be using "free government allotted accommodation" for their business in the City and I tend to agree.

    Guilty or not guilty just doesn't come into it, the piss has undeniably been taken by some MP's and endorsed by the "system".

    The fact that some M.P's didn't claim everything they could only serves to make those who did claim, look worse.

  3. Plus, we have Mr and Mrs Bollocks, the Keens, those bloody Northern Ireland embezzlers, Jacqui Smith, Baroness (I have a marble mansion in Bangla Desh)Uddin and the (tee hee) Justice Minister (what a joke).

    So far, one Labour MP has resigned and 3 Conservative MP's have been booted out.

    It will get worse unless Gordon starts to move his behind and actually sack someone in his party.

  4. My dear Sue and Subrosa, thank you, as ever, for your excellent input. You will understand that I am unable to comment at this time.

  5. Well, as Bill is an good hardworking MP and well thought of across all the party political spectrum, I guess he will be forgiven for an admin error. However, I thought the mood of the country was very well summed up last night on Any Questions - BBC 9p.m. - by everyone in the audience demanding a general election now so that we the voters can show who we think is worth representing us across the country.

  6. Liz said...

    Welcome to Oldrightie! You don't have to be mad but it helps!