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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

MP's Public Meeting.

In that glorious County of Herefordshire, The Northern part MP, Bill Wiggin, held his "face The nation" meeting. On the whole it went extremely well, though I doubt a very pretty young Sky News reporter felt that. Prior to the meeting starting there was an unfortunate verbal tirade aimed at this young Lady that was rather unpleasant to see.

I suppose the glib excuses will be trotted out, as they are for the expenses. There was a great deal of support for BW and I have to say he does have an excellent record as a Constituency MP. Overall I did feel that our local Party Association will not suffer as badly as others. Nevertheless I am more and more convinced by the media bias in Labours' favour, this was all engineered to spoil The EU elections. I shall carry on working and hope The Country still gives Snotty Jim a kicking next week. Maybe they will.


  1. I hate bad manners and I do hope your MP wasn't involved with the Sky news reporter.

    So he's persuaded you he's wonderful and the only person who can represent you I see. Sadly others who could be better didn't speak up.

  2. So he's persuaded you he's wonderful.......

    Absolutely not, Subrosa but my hands are tied.

  3. Well, if it gives you any comfort, DC is emerging from this rather well, from what people tell me what they think of him. They're fully aware of the various expenses scandals the Tories have had, and also those of other parties, but the way DC has handled it has gained him a lot of support and more voters for the next GE.

  4. It does, Richard and thank you!

  5. You may have seen my post, DC certainly has a fight on his hands with the media when the going gets rough. They still really think that the way forward is for banks to buy each others toxic assets with taxpayers money.

  6. Thanks, demetrius. I consider the media to be more guilty of moral bankruptcy and the mess we are in, than even Jim Snot and Co.
    Without their bias and leftie leanings 2005 may well have been much closer a result.