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Sunday, 10 May 2009

King Of Expenses for Sunday Number Two!

Ex Metal Basher Now Chief Trougher and Tax Payer Basher.

A more arrogant piece of Trade Unionist you may never meet. "I'm in politics for all I can get". Michael Martin. Another reason not to vote labour!


  1. The photo reminds me of the nazis at the Nuremberg trials.

    If only.......

  2. Oh kille, I was going to say he need the metal ear pieces to protect his eardrums from the great unwashed he has to, very occasionally, associated with at jumble sales and the like.

  3. I imagine it's automatic translation equipment so when the "little people" tell him "you're crap, get out" it reaches his ears as "you're great, carry on".

  4. Send a pig to Parliament FTAO Mr Speaker. Anything will do - picture,badge,stuffed toy, balloon.

    And then - and this is the important part - send an email to the BEEB, and SKY News and the Telegraph (why not - I hate the hoons and after the stunt they played on Guido I wrote and told them I would break the habit of 55 years and stop buying, and I did - but they have gone some way to redeeming themselves now) Stress again THIS IS IMPORTANT because we don't know the extent of the success of OH's "Send-a-shirt-to-Gordon" because obviously the Stasi are not going to admit either that it is going on, or the size of it. So we need a mechanism of information disemination that the MSM can't ignore - and lots and lots of us to do it of course.

  5. I think alot of them should be made to pay back what they have embezzled from the taxpayer. You can bet your life not one of them (in the Labour Party), will get into real trouble about this. How hard does the Inland Revenue Service come down on us even if you're late filling in a tax return. I've (when I lived in the UK) had letters threatening me with fines and prison, even when I tried to explain I had already sent the damned thing off and they should check if they have it!

    The whole system needs to be run like a proper company, every receipt needs to be approved and kept and must be open for scrutiny by the employers (US).

    I'm so angry about it, I'm finding it hard to write a post on the subject.

    Calling each other "honourable" should stop forthwith!

  6. Great comments, thank you. I sent a brown shirt but have heard nowt about how many turned up. Secrecy and all. Sue, our posting helps even if just a little bit. Combined we all made Guido what he is today.

  7. I sent a mortuary shroud by recorded delivery. I was hoping to see one of the hoons wearing it at PMQs. Bastards.

  8. Sue, join the rest of the gang. I'm incandescent with rage about this. The country is knackered, by Newlayber's doing, and these pigs are sticking two fingers up to us.

    I'd like to see them swinging from lamp-posts myself, but a few resignations would be a start.

    I'm just waiting for politicians to start knocking on my door prior to the elections next month - I'll probably end up in jail, I'm so angry.

  9. Some of the door knockers will be Ok people. They/we have been shafted almost more than everyone else.