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Friday, 22 May 2009

Jim's Style of Politics?

Is This How Jim Brown Sees The Expenses Row? Did He Order The Smoke?

click on the pic to identify the ships.

Now even if our Jim did not release the expenses cd, did The Barclays give him time to "make smoke". Or time to determine how to manipulate Pravda? The Tory Toffs imagery is a constant water boarding, the financial mess is off the radar, everything is now secondary to the muddy waters. I just hope, whatever the situation, it blows up in his and their faces. I hope when the election comes people will remember that whatever the failings of MPs, Labour have presided over and bent the rules under the guidance of a Scottish mafia and an unspeakable Speaker. That decent, impartial, kindly and saintly bully. Soon to join Kinnock as Lord of The Flies?


  1. That's what the Barclays said about their residents rejection of "Sarky Disney World"!