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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Jimmy Does Better Than All The Rest!

CON 42 (-3) LAB 20(-3) LD 15 (-2)

So, my Jimmy Lad, you have now achieved a poll rating that surpasses all previous records. You are the best at being the worst ever Labour Leader. Now if you look at your competition, Ginger Minger Kinnock, Duffle Foot, Phony Tony and so on, this is no mean achievement. Your expenses gamble seems to have bitten you rather badly. Your moronic, inept, pathetic personality has been found out. Your lack of grace, temper, overriding ambition, hubris and arrogance is in tatters. Your lies and cover ups, your crazy Chancellorship and profligacy, for your own ends, is there for us all to see. You have bred a culture in Parliament that under your Party's 12 years of stewardship has brought out the worst of human nature in MPs who ought never have been in Parliament. As for YOUR unspeakable Speaker, another bully and asshole in his Master's image. Time to go, matey and for us to have an election. Sad you bankrupted us all to get us to this unpleasant impasse.

Of course, anyone who might believe you would have the decency to call an election is naive. So it may well have to be forced on you. So be it, if it means Labour Ministers end up in jail so much the better. You gloated well enough over Tory inmates, didn't you?


  1. How descriptive OR. I couldn't have done better myself even with the help of the thesaurus.

    What I can't quite get my head round is the question 'will the tories be much better or only slightly better?'

  2. Bless you Subrosa, as always! As for your question, given the depths Jimmy and Labour have sunk, any improvement would be a vast one!
    A plethora of small parties would be a nightmare. "Ferrets in a sack" and no leadership or control.

  3. We do not have a lame duck government, it is now a dead duck one. We cannot afford a year of "power outage" at the present time.

  4. I suggest it was thus from day one, Demetrius?