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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Is The Expenses Row a Brown/Mandleson Plot?

Have a think about it.

First of all, this corruption surrounding expense claims, crosses all party boundaries and is disgraceful.
Yet which Party is getting the most flack? Which had the most to lose from a high standing in the polls and WAS on the edge of great success in next month's polls. Which Party was so mired in filth, donation scandals, Peers selling legislation and has an incompetent, ghastly man as leader? Which party has the greatest number of activists poised to go canvassing from a position of strength? Who was the central figure hated and loathed by the nation and his own Party and is now off the front pages?
I could go on with my supposition. Where did this data disc come from? Did Jimmy spend our money drawing up a Machiavellian plan with a mass of advisers? After all he could catch many of his Cabinet colleagues he perceives his enemies, as well as clobbering his opponents. The more I consider this the more I begin to see beyond the headline manure and excrement and into the mind of a mad but very cunning bloke. Another 50% tax trap for The Opposition but on a much grander scale. Not only a scorched earth policy for The Nations economy but also one for a Parliament he holds, in the expenses matter, justifiably, in contempt. It also fragments the electorate's vote and at 26% should he care? He apparently shouldered his Missus out of the way, yesterday. Last week that would have been front page news, the resign petition is languishing and the economic mess is forgotten. Win, win, win, if you ask me.
If I'm correct in this, he will have made fools of us all and be a very happy bunny for it.
If you consider my argument has merit do try and push it round the blog world.

Below, is Snotty working out his cunning plan?


  1. Wow, that would make some scoop!

  2. I wouldn't put it past him. McBride's disappearance is a bit strange too (or has he turned up?).

    He knew the Tories expenses would look much worse than claiming for plugs or porno. As it turned out, claiming for stately homes with swimming pools, tennis courts and moats is bound to make the public seethe.

    Do you think the order in which the expenses information was released has some purpose?

    The only answer (as I said in my post) for the Tories to come up smelling of something less than pigs mire is for Cameron to make them pay the money back and apologise.

    That would go some way to limiting the damage. We know that the labour MP's won't be forced to do it and the Speaker certainly won't give anything back "that he is entitled to (c**t)".

    We shall see. Looks like UKIP and the BNP will win quite a few seats come June and Geert Wilders Freedom party is on course to trounce his socialist opposition too...

    Socialism is slowly dying in Europe.

  3. "Do you think the order in which the expenses information was released has some purpose?"

    It fits the theory, Sue!

  4. But aren't the Telegraph saving the best til last, i.e. more Labour ones of breathtaking greed?

  5. Richard, if that happens then I will withdraw my theory!

  6. The couples one has to be the worst!