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Saturday, 2 May 2009

A Huge Debt of Gratitude to Gordon Brown

James Gordon Brown responds to Oldrightie's Gratitude.

I wish to express my deep felt gratitude to "Jimmy" for bringing to the fore of even Labour MPs' minds how useless, cretinous and pathetic their puny efforts at Governance have proven, yet again, to be. I wish to thank him for shining a glaring beam of light onto the utter incompetence Labour are so classically endowed with. I want to thank him for the joyous collapse of his excuse for a Premiership and regime. Thank you, Jim, from the bottom of my heart.

Also full of gratitude are the following. Phony Tony for getting him to go before the excrement collided with the fan the clumsy, clunking fist of Jimmy had switched on during his years in Number 11.

Fred Goodwin wishes to thank you for his well deserved "K" and also his eye watering pension. Both awarded for copying Jimmy's methods of running a large operation. Also desperately seeking a rescuing of his blighted and useless career, Eddy Izzard. His flop in The USA was doubly tragic, when he had the ringing endorsement of The Great Jimmy.

The shareholders of Northern Rock, HBOS and LloydsTSB are queueing ten deep to heap their feelings on your brilliant head in gratitude for your robbing them blind.

Then there is your esteemed, elegant, articulate namesake, Nick "the Prick" Brown. To be a chief whip has been the pinnacle of all he ever dreamt of. The power to order young boys about the place, just sweet joy to Nick. A man of such integrity every toilet attendant in the land knows him intimately.

Well there are so many people ready to offer you their gratitude and thanks for being such a turd I could fill a tome of such great size, it would be immovable, so I will end here. Anyone else wishing to add their thanks to Big Jimmy please feel free to do so.


  1. Oh OR and I was thinking you'd be working hard today instead of compiling this excellent post :)

  2. Subrosa, my dear and faithful commenter, you don't know the half of it. Plant sale, mowing, choir singing, endless. Yet my dream is that blogging changes the world. It just well might!

  3. Disturbing photo - but what a still life!

  4. Fuck me, Oldrightie, you do post some fucking scary pictures of Jimmy. How on earth did anyone ever vote for the cunt? How can Sarah bear him near her? Why don't the Social Services rescue the children?

  5. You've got The Jimmy!!!!!!!!

  6. Re photo 1: it's Darth Vader minus helmet, giving some poor sod the "throat constriction" form of torture. "If you don't vote for me, this is what you'll all get."

  7. Hey, Richard, I think it's Hazel or Harriet!