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Monday, 18 May 2009

Groundhog Day?

Two Peas In A Pod, Or Jokers In A Pack?

Gorbals Mick's statement 18/05/2009

"Now each and every member including myself must work hard to regain your trust as a matter of urgency and within 48 hours I am calling the Prime Minister and party leaders including the minority parties to meet with me and other members of the House of Commons commission also present will be the right honorable member for Islwyn."


"We all need to hush this all up asap. We shall appear to be busy whilst attempting to trap the opposition parties into looking as if they, not us, don't want change. The committee I nobble frequently will assist me in achieving Jimmy Snot's aims to destabilise the Country. We shall work tirelessly to hide all the dreadful shit that is happening to The Nation. We shall do everything to keep our money and save Jimmy's neck. Thank you. Arder, Arder!"

Today's Daily Mail:
"Gordon Brown benefits from the great scandal over MPs' expenses, according to one Westminster theory, because it damns all of them, even the innocent, and gives him a year, if he survives, to pretend he's cleaned up the system. "

Now where was this mooted many days ago? Even a poll today showed an advantage for Snotty. A nasty and very dangerous man. Oldrightie was first!

Any vote not for The Conservatives will be a vote for Brown to stay.


  1. Wasn't Martin's speech today just pathetic? And as for Brown hiding and not present ...

  2. Yet again, Labour's focus is on presenting the illusion of change and debate when neither have taken place.

  3. - and whilst you're all in that meeting, I shall announce my resignation to an obscure journalist in Scotland, and show my total contempt for the lot of you........

  4. Thank you all for the input. I've been without power this morning so will catch up asap!!!!

  5. Random power cuts... 1979 all over again...