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Friday, 1 May 2009

Freedom of Information Act?

So Quickly Forgotten in The Modern Age

When The Agility Trains Consortium was announced, Oldrightie smelt a Labour stitch up. So I requested information of BERR, DoT and Snotty's lair. The first response from DoT, Hoon's domain, was "nothing to do with us and we weren't represented on The great Leader's trip to The Middle East Region". Yet on the 3rd of April I get a long spiel from same telling me that they have lots of information but I'm not to be given any. They then go on to tell me that in favour of disclosure is, "The particular public interest in the scrutiny and transparency of IEP procurement, which is of high value and national significance".

This is followed by spinspeak.

Now Brown tells us he is doing everything to get us through the mess he has so ably buggered up. Well, why then is this huge engineering project going to Japan? There were a few murmurings when this was announced but I suspect a few shared meals at The Dorchester with The Union Mafia bosses squashed those mutterings straight away. The Cabinet Office reply was also vague but they did mention that Mandleson enjoyed this luxurious begging bowl junket alongside Gordo.
Now I am still wondering how The Agility Consortium came about and who are involved in Government backing being a given? Probably beyond Oldrightie's skills but I bet there are some nuggets buried in there. Sure of it.

I suspect our Geoff is contemplating his Chairmanship of The Agility Consortium when dumped by The Electorate. Mind you could he go for the leadership. One hoon replacing another hoon?

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