Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Led, for once, from the front by Jimmy Brown on behalf of his brother and EDF?

I wonder if the cleaning bill was for EDF's nuclear sell out, and should read trillions?

So which little piggies have we here?
The Dwarf
The Boss
Plenty of Straw
Is Mandy about?
Socialists, pah!


  1. I thought it was Joanna Lumley who was running the country at present? And she hasn't claimed expenses!

  2. She's too nice to cheat or screw anyone badly, only nicely!

  3. A short walk from the expenses paid second home of one parliamentarian lives a very old, very ill lady with no family and no surviving friends. She has minimum care, when it arrives, and there is nobody to sort out her situation and no social service provision for her. I hope the parliamentarian enjoys her job and all the benefits that the expenses bring.

  4. Demetrius,
    A sad scenario repeated all over the land. These frail and other vulnerable people could be you or I at any time in our lives. I would have pumped billions into peoples' pockets, before the bankers, but what do I know?