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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Drat, that didn't work, let's go back four years.

Brown: Scrutinise all MPs' claims.

So, does he think the first go at a scorched earth policy for Parliament has not worked out? Next daft effort, an independent enquiry going back over four years of expense claims. Great, that will cost even more untold millions. Time to go, Jimmy "Snotty" Brown.


  1. Right, I have to tag some bloggers and you are one of them... "8 things you hate" :)

    You hate me now don't you? Well, that's one!

  2. Heard that on Sky News OR. The madman has no sense of judgement does he? Spending further millions on another enquiry. The money would be far better spent on an enquiry into the Iraq war.

  3. Its a pity that it all can't go back a little further, say to the local government background of so many of them. There could be some wondrous fiddles to be found.

  4. Sue, did you miss out a bracket? Me hate you, or is that someone else's words? No way could I hate YO!
    Subrosa, "no judgement, has he" is spot on. Lost it, he really has. I think his feelings for DC might be unrequited love, turned to hate!
    Demtrius, good point. I believe that local government is very rotten. Either full time execs or elected, sometimes both together. Sadly peoples' own apathy is the guilty party.

  5. That's a smile for you Oldrightie :)

  6. Jimmy "Snotty" Brown is Upminster......that's 8 stops up from Barking.


    He is, he really is!