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Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Demise of Labour

Still they fail to understand that The British People Have Some Vestige of Education.

This little creature, whose face you would never tire of slapping, says we are all twats. We are not toeing the line . We are being independent and not doing "Jimmy's" bidding. Well, Hazel all I have to say is fuck off, you little ginger minger.

Sorry about the foul language.

Brown will not go. This weekend he is ensconced in Chequers, enjoying luxury we can only dream of. He will continue to punish us all for failing to understand his greatness. Poor, deluded, dwarf of a human being.


  1. She'll get her cum-uppence! ;-)
    Check this out!

  2. Definitely a three-pinter

  3. Surely the country cannot go on for another year like this with Brown and his useless cabinet! Where, I wonder, is the trigger going to come from to give us an early opportunity to kick them out.

  4. Oh you're all so unkind to the wee wumman so yer are :)

  5. OR did you go to the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival? I missed it this year due to a steam gala on the Llangollen Railway. Anyway, on Friday I found one of Steve Bell's cartoons in that instrument repairer's shop in Frankwell:

    I thought it would make you and the others here laugh. It's better than crying, isn't it?

  6. Thank you all for commenting and visiting. Richard, I had friends at the stealm gala. The cartoon festival link was for a friend and neighbour. An excellent cartoonist and possible addition to this blog in the near future.
    I was assistant gofer for The Head Gardener's plant sale yesterday and singing in a local, large mixed group of singers in the evening. My cartoonist friend tells me the festival was the most successful ever and I hope very much to go next year.
    Great SB link. Excellent and succinct!

  7. For a continuation of the Orwellian nightmare that is Animal Farm, I urge everybody on this thread to Vote Labour!

  8. Dazed and Confused said...

    It's gone onto my short but sweet widget. Briliant stuff. Wish I could do that!