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Monday, 25 May 2009

Costitutional reform Rubbish.

They Still Don't Get It, Do They?

It is not reform that is required it is a change of Government. To bang on about "change" is just a way of diverting attention from the shambles that 12 years of "modernisation" has wreaked. Bliar 1 banged on about modernisation when he meant CONTROL. Music to Jimmy Snot's massive lugs. Labour systematically raped the civil service, the police, education and financial controls to bring us to this dark place. In cahoots with The EU they have created a culture of deceit and dishonesty from which many people have joyously thrown off all conscience, honour and decency. An emasculated Parliament, a ruthless executive and a complete ignoring of the traditions and requirements for public office. A pathetic and mendacious pornographer and alcoholic was allowed to lord it over senior mandarins and force us into an illegal war, with lies and subterfuge. Unelected Quangos and regional assemblies make decisions and regulations arbitrarily and without recourse to any democratic supervision. The EU pisses all over us with promises to our civil servants and ministers, of a golden throne at the table of a brand new socialist republic. It's not reform we need, it is a United Kingdom free from interference and operated on traditional and historic success. All these tiers of Government need to be swept away. Independence for Scotland, why? A Welsh Assembly, why? Just more money, wasted ideology and a recipe for disgruntlement and strife. A United Kingdom led with ancient principles hard won via wars and hatred. Not short term political hubris but with the best and most decent representatives at the heart of an honest and democratic Parliament, that represents us all, equally and fairly. A divided Kingdom is much easier to drive into a federal Europe. That is the agenda. It is a battle that can only be won united. Reform? Humbug and an excuse for a way to resurrect Labour's credibility from their abject failure. A way to more easily hand our Sovereignty to the Europeans we fought so hard not to surrender to.


  1. I see you're feeling rather chirpy tonight OR :)

    Why would an independent Scotland cost England more money? That's the point of independence, we would foot our own bills. Or do you mean you'd lose the revenue from the oil and the present cheap electricity you receive from here? England's had years of Scotland's natural resources and that is now causing the Scots to feel aggrieved these days.

    I do agree with you about the EU though but I've never thought it to be the panacea our present representatives seem to think it is.

  2. Subrosa, I believe in The Union as a bastion against the World and globalisation. It's that commercial control that sucks the life out of small nations. Believe it or not we are relatively small, even united. The days of The UK as a world power are long gone and we need each other.
    I'm sure we can, have or will more than repay our debts to Scotland as friends and colleagues. Don't confuse the greedy with the needy!

  3. I see Cameron's talk of reform is to reverse Bliar's presidential controls. Works for me.

  4. I've been sitting here reading my favourite bloggers entries for the last couple of days. Boy, is everyone just fed up with this!

    We're all so tired of Brown clinging on. How can one man be so delusional and the those around him so keen to keep their snouts in the trough, they will suffer any humiliation?

    We need an election and a fresh start with fresh new honest people!

  5. I'm all for a rework of the Barnett formula. Total independence for Scotland and Wales.

    Give them nothing from Westminster. It may make the Scots and Welsh stop whingeing for a while.

    The Scots can keep their oil revenue, the Welsh can keep Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson.

    In all seriousness, I think the Union is too culturally fragmented now to be of any significance to globalisation, so we might as well go our separate ways. We rubber-dicked ourselves in the 70s and 80s, we produce very little and are seen as next to nothing on the world stage, even by the French, for goodness sake.

  6. Seeing as all our senior MPs are Scottish, they are ideally placed to give Scotland a better chance than the rest of us have!

  7. Hmm....good post OR, but I fear the Celts will be better off without the English - and visa versa. The Anglo-Saxon mentality is individual rights, property rights and self-responsibilty, the Celtic mentality is collectivist. We should leave them to it, and we should get on with the revolution. Again.