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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Close To Home

Oh For Some Honest Men and Women, They Do Exist!

This evening I have learnt my local MP has questions to answer. As a local official I may well have some influence on his future. An influence that more people would hold if they were more involved as members as well as voters. If this whole debacle brings about such interest and less apathy, a silver lining might well appear! The only thing that has caused all this disgrace has been the "shrug of the shoulders party". Quite the largest in the Land and the least influential. We let these buggers in. WE DID!


  1. I was just saying that very thing to friends earlier today OR. One brought up the subject of the mess in Westminster and Europe and said it was too late. My reply was why and who is responsible.

    She said 'they've' been allowed to get away with it for too long, then she paused. Aye I said, we're responsible because you usually refuse to discuss politics far less take part in some way.

    First time I've seen her speechless for years but she admitted I was (perhaps) right.

  2. I've long held the opinion that anyone who doesn't vote or doesn't follow political matters to some degree forfeits the right to moan about the laws that are passed, about the social and economic problems, or about most current affair, or about the state of our public servicess. when I ask them "Well, did you vote?" it usually shuts them up. If we were to make voting compulsory we'd have to put "None of the above" on ballot papers. I believe they do this in other countries, possibly Australia?