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Friday, 1 May 2009

A Broken Society?

Twelve Years of Decline.

Protect the weak and vulnerable, care for the children and the elderly and make a country fit for heroes. How many of these tenets has this Labour Government and movement succeeded in improving? The related story is too horrific to place on this blog. I am often easily persuaded by the abolish capital punishment arguments. However I still retain a belief that creatures like these are not fit to live on this earth.
If anyone thinks there is no causal link from Government to this horror, just remember that Brown and Labour have put placements into every corner of social services, teaching, The NHS, The Police Force. Everywhere a tacit or full blown allegiance to Labour has been more important than skill, expertise or suitability. Our Country is very, very sick.


  1. Your are a right Oldrightie! Quangos, business deals and so forth. Corrupt as the worst banana republic ever was.

  2. The days are gone when social workers were employed because they had a natural ability to do the job, the same with nurses, police etc. Now what matters is the number of pieces of paper they have from any university. So we have lost social workers who, not so long ago, could sniff out a problem at 100 yards, we have lost nurses who know the meaning of caring and we have lost police who used to give confidence to communities.

    Broken society? You bet.

  3. I cannot even think about this without feeling sick - but this poor baby was visited 30 times by these useless, pen-pushing, english hating, socialist scum - and they never helped him. Yes, there have been sackings, which is good, but they should also receive no payout or pension and never work with children again.

    The state needs to GET THE FUCK out of our family life - the state and social workers cause this horror - they don't stop it. People are taught - indoctrinated - to have no personal responsibilty. The state will provide all. Fuck that. The state only provides for itself.

  4. Dear Both,
    Thank you for helping this agenda of responsibility to be focused squarely where it belongs. Governments' first duty is to protect the vulnerable.