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Monday, 4 May 2009

Backstabbing, Gordon Taught Them Well?

We Love "Jimmy" (James Gordon Brown) so much it hurts!

Snotty was christened James Gordon. My theory is he does not like his first name. So I urge you all to use it. Or better still Jimmy. There is a certain ring to Snotty Jimmy! As for the trio above, all have been somewhat less than loving lately. In fact hoon Haine is thinking, "I'll get him for stabbing my beloved Tone" and the witches are thinking, well.......the same I suppose.


killemall said...

I think it's great to see this scum of a party in freefall - hopefully to oblivion.

I hope that Snotty Jimmy stays as PM until the election - every day he stays in power ensures that more and more people vote anything but labour at the next GE. Every day that the Chipmunk and all the rest are gobbing off in the press ensures the same. They can't do any more damage than has been done already, surely?

Answers on a post card.....

The Penguin said...

They look like they can smell a turd.

Oldrightie said...

Killemall, thanks for picking up Snotty Jimmy!
Penny, I'm flattered you passed by. Love your blog. I suspect they've been doing as you suggest for many years.

Richard Jones said...

Is Blears standing up in that photo? Harperson says she doesn't want to be PM. As if we'll give her the chance! Talk about disloyalty. "I don't support Gordon Brown, er, I've been found out, I do support Gordon Brown."

Oldrightie said...

Is Blears standing up in that photo?