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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Another King of Cheats!

Does This Revelation Blow My Snotty Jimmy Conspiracy Theory?

This excuse for a human being (but really a thieving git) was a big friend of The Nose Miner but rumour abounds he was big for Bananas Millipede. So there is a reason for outing him. Now we await the Blinkies' exposure. Now if that appears legit and squeaky clean, my suspicions will be even more aroused. If The Blinkies get roasted, (there's a horrible thought) then I will accept Jimmy was not the donor of the expenses CD to The Barclay (Kray?) twins.
Still, the fallout continues to keep Jim off the front pages, The EU elections are blown apart, Tories below 40% and The Bank of England's dire forecast for the economy is nowhere to be seen.
The one flaw for Brown is if this whole business CONTINUES to show the boy Dave to be a bit special and of leadership potential. That would be some irony.
Whatever the outcome of this nuclear torpedo into Westminster, we little folk may just be the better for it.

One last thought for our Lords and Masters,

"Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men".



  1. Aye yer Jimmy conspiracy is well and truly in smithereens now :)

  2. No, Subrosa, it's not. This morning two squeaky cleans were trotted out by Pravda to tell us how super cheap Labour MPs are! Cheapp,I agre with but in adifferent context!