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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

You know when The Great One's In The Mire.........


When Gordo is running out of nose sustenance the ever loyal wetnose nurses offer their own material for him to get a fix. Drum roll, BBC midnight oil burning, Rawnsley to Chequers NOW. Let rip the puppies of war until the toothless rotweiler gets back in through the back door disguised as a "bride". Out of the closet comes Stephen Pound, MP and Hazel Blears.

Which face would you tire of slapping first? My choice would be Pound. Hazel has a modicum of intelligence, our boy has not a jot. I will relish his expense claim offerings. What a smug lot Labour are. Talk about the foreman's job at last.


Dear Mr Pound, Ms Hazel,

Your spiteful attacks on blogging are inspired by the awful nastiness pushed out of Downing Street. An office so corrupted by it's present and recent incumbent as to rely on you pair to whinge about "right wing bloggers". This medium remains, temporarily if you had your way, a bastion of free speech and sometimes decent debate. At all times it allows for human nature to flourish in all it's forms. You and your Party would wish only for the vicious stuff to be under your domain. As witnessed by DOWNING Street's bunker issued emails and utter crassness. You whinge about "right wing blogs". You, Mr Pound mouth off in your ignorant fashion and typically McBride style, (he's still very much around) sling excrement at "Guido". He, for your possible but unlikely understanding is as Tory as you would be if money exchanged hands. Unlike you, however, he is a bright if difficult cookie.

This leads me on to Ms Blears. You banged on in threatening style last year about blogs. You pontificated about their status and despaired of their freedom. Really, you are scared. This is the only place your stazi control freakery and election fiddling is potentially discoverable. Irony of all ironies the very moral high ground you pretend to espouse is trampled more savagely and disgustingly by DOWNING STREET than any other location.

I close with saying that the blogosphere has grown exponentially opposite to the pornography of your 12 years of Labour Government failure.

Yours sincerely,

A Happy Easter Bunny, 2009.


  1. That guy in the middle is an MP? Jeez.

  2. Cracking, Oldrightie - sums up the ginger minger perfectly.

  3. aproposofwhat said...

    Well, thank you dear Sir.

  4. Politics aside, I would like to give the Ginger One a jolly good rogering.


  5. killemallletgodsortemout said...

    Really? I suppose Flint might just have a smidgeon of something but the hypocrisy would spoil it for me!

  6. That's it Oldrightie. We're finished! I, along with your lady wife I'm sure (if she's aware of course), that your preference for Flint leaves the two of us astonished, nay shocked to the very tips of our stilettos.

    I'm sure your wife has more sex appeal in her ability with a hoe than Flint has flicking a secret file over the cabinet table. I'm told my sex appeal lies with my ability of cook excellent stovies (look it up)!

  7. Hi, Subrosa, a smidgeon would be a desert island and the choice between dying of starvation or ..............
    Hope that helps!!

  8. I does help Oldrightie. I shall now give you another chance and put your temporary madness behind me. My apologies for the typo on my last post. It should read ability TO cook of course, but you knew that didn't you :)

  9. Ooops another typo, I must stay out of the midday sun. I = It.

  10. Has anyone seen the Great and Despicable one (alias Macavaty the cat)on TV recently, seems to have done a runner. I have checked my garage roof, I suggest everyone does the same!