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Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Why were these two photographed outside Auschwitz?

Any suggestions welcome. It's beyond me, more money spent travelling.


  1. It's a strange place to stage a photo op and they both look distictly nervous.

  2. Especially on a day when Birmingham Labour party banned a lady from standing as a candidate because she is white and jewish

  3. I actually find it rather eerie they would want to pose for photos there. It's the last place I would ever have thought about myself but of course that's all they ever do.

  4. Its just his peculiar way of seeking attention away from the daily domestic grim reality of his pathetic government and trying (hugely unsuccessfully) to be statesmanlike (as if).

    I am spending some time in Beijing just now and even here feeling some of the one-eyed snotgoblers evil doings. An example, before Brown we could eat out here very well for, typically, 330 RMB (local money =20GBP (Great Britain Pounds)and get an excellent dinner for two including drinks. Now we find that the same meal costs 34 GBP - "Gordon Brown Pounds".
    Another fine mess!

  5. Thank you for you input, Roy. This currency collapse still has not reached peoples' awareness as much as it will as the summer travel unfolds. Still, the cost of Snotty and entourage travel seems unimportant!

  6. Everyone - in any walk of life sponsored by (Jewish) Banking interests and Secret fund raisers (Lord Levy et al??) i.e. This Labour Government - must show penance to the crime the masters think allows them to massacre at will in Palestine and pillage at will the West.

    The holocaust is the criminal sanction of control, imposed upon the worlds populations, to annihilate dissent of those whos actions in Palestine and The West are a catalogue of plunder and crimes of unspeakable cruelty.

    Bow your heads for your sins against us, while we commit the same sins while you are cowered. Or else.

  7. Sorry Oldrightie - check this out, it will make my thoughts clearer: This is what our children will have to do.

    This is what Holocaust day is leading to. To visit a camp and wail.

  8. ...and Daily Mail spin on it...

  9. JerryD, I am very much on your side of the argument. I aslo have a powerful sense of wrong for the crimes of Hitler and any violent oppression of peoples. So often, given the chance, all races get on at grass roots level. Trouble is self-interst is such a weak aspect of human nature and war and violence will always be with us. I really believe that The EU project will one day end in conflict despite the assurances given by the ruling elite it's to avoid future wars.
    Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you here again.