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Thursday, 2 April 2009

When the gloss wears off.

I was quite sorry that the G20 did not tell me my stolen pension fund was to be returned. At least not in my lifetime. Did anyone else find it all nauseating and pointless?


  1. I thought Brown did alright, well not really but he was great at rushing around with that stupid smile and chase the camera.

  2. Not pointless for the politicians, was it? They can convince themselves that they did alright -- it was essentially a window dressing exercise, to show their domestic populations that they're seen to be doing something, even if very little will.

    I'm worried that Labour will have a G20 bounce as McDoom will now be lording it over us all that he did ever so well. That he got an agreement out of it was admirable, I have to say, though it probably wouldn't have been that difficult to get something out of it, so vague was the final agreement. What of France and Germany? I think a bit of mischief-making -- they're trying to get at Brown for some reason. I need to look into it.

    But it probably won't get your pension back, and he's still a pension thief. It'll be particularly nauseating watching McDoom stuffing it down our throats these next few weeks just how wonderful he is. It makes me retch thinking about it.

  3. Just maybe the public will also feel nauseated, as the depths of our recession continues to grow ever larger. Did you hear Mandypandy saying how calling in The IMF should not be a stigma? H'm?

  4. My first thought when I heard all that money was going to the IMF was here we go again with a stealthy one from Brown. Guess who will be in there borrowing pretty soon!

  5. No, I didn't hear Mandelspart going on about the IMF but I did read about it. Sounds about right. The summary of the G20 summit could be read as "Those of you with money, please give it to the IMF so they can give it to us."

    He's not ashamed in calling in the IMF? Ah yes, these people have no shame, do they?