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Saturday, 11 April 2009

The real nasty party and it's Commander in Chief?

I'm not sure I have any more to add. Well done, Guido. I await the messenger's punishment, however. Labour will probably storm to an historic fourth term with 80 million postal votes.
I used to post on Guido's as "I hate Labour". Now you know why! McBride really is a nasty looking porker and we pay him!


  1. Or even more than 80 million by e-mails!

  2. You should be out in the lovely sunshine doing your duty to nature. My excuse is I'm waiting for the grass to dry.

  3. Subrosa, long two days behind us. Also a wedding party yesterday. Surfacing gingerly but with some pleasure at Brown's true nature being exposed!

  4. Or even more than 80 million by e-mails!

    Nice one!

  5. New Labour- the true nasty party- and now we all know to disregard anything they claim unless it is backed up with a positive checkable link.

  6. I heard a report say he was 34. That can't be his age, he looks about 50. Could I have misheard his weight?

    Guido deserves a Knighthood for exposing this sleaze.

    Anyone who could think running a smear campaign based around mental illness is deeply disturbed themselves.

  7. Congrats to Guido and all Bloggers who keep this foetid bunch of charlatans, liars and thieves in the public eye; a real service to the public. That's you as well, Old Rightie.

    Keep digging, keep posting and keep these scum-filled, troughing, duplicitous bastards in the political wilderness where they belong.

  8. killemallletgodsortemout said...

    Yes, despite the MSM gnashing again, as they did over Dan Hannan's Brown lashing, the blogs are such a great way to vent expression and anger. You are spot on, KEALGSTO and also part of a movement that gets better every day. If my Tory Party behaves badly I'll happily blog venom too.