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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Poverty and Benefits under Labour.

Why is The Left not Ashamed of the last 12 years of failure?

"A crisis is unfolding in the UK as people in poverty struggle with rising food prices and the recession, the Save the Children charity has warned,"

The 1930's have a resonance with today. The benefit administration costs and their crazy complexity all point to the failure of This Labour Government to Govern.

The control freakery, centralisation and dogma all combine to create an Orwellian monster. A monster that gorges on it's own lust for power at the expense of common sense and any understanding of the human condition. People need families, loyal parents and pride in themselves. All the attributes that made the hardships, suffered by mining, steel and factory workers, not dent that pride.

The "modern " Britain has become a soulless junk yard to park overcrowded, disparate, often violent hordes from every corner of the globe. A benefit system that acts as a magnet to the World's poor, yet draws them to an even worse existence than that which they seek to escape. Meanwhile the disadvantaged young children of this calamity see their hopes and dreams swallowed in a "blink" overseen by an overbearing, ambitious Labour Minister with little understanding of the rotten core of labour philosophy. We are not all the same. The brightest and best need nurturing every bit as the less able. The greatness of individuals adds to the improvement of others. Greatness is not about political dominance or banking greed. It is a village, town, city, nation that is not overcrowded, hooked on benefits, denied self-respect and pride. Greatness is in family loyalty and morality, loving and caring, not pornography and greed. Greatness is a sense of belonging. The benefit system is a betrayal of ambition and decency. Labour is the same betrayal through wanton carelessness, incompetence and the pursuit of mediocrity. More votes in that. So much for The G20 and Labour's values.


  1. Brilliant post, spot on - Labour has done more to hurt its traditional supporters than the rest of thus, although it is hard to believe.

  2. Thank you, Anna. Thank the Lord for blogs to vent these impressions of a dysfunctional Government and PM.

  3. David Shepherd4 April 2009 at 13:54

    The amount of benefits paid to families should enable the children to be fed with cash left over- its not difficult or expensive to make nutritous food from fresh ingredients- and there are regularly 2-4-1 offers on processed stuff. The problem comes when the benefit dependant classes would rather spend on unrequired luxuries such as sky tv, plasma tvs, strong cider, lager & cigarettes.

    Its time for an overhaul of the benefit system, with payment in food/clothing/housing vouchers rather than money.

  4. David, you are absolutely right. Nevertheless the Gummint relies on the retail and service sectors these days. Not farming and manufacturing. Thus they need their "clients" to spend on non-essential items to provide tax receipts. Politics of the mad-house.

  5. IF we have the good fortune to have a moral government in power next time, I don't know where they would begin to sort this mess out. Labour have managed to destroy what has taken hundreds of years to evolve in 12 short years.

    Laws, rights and freedoms, communities, family ethics, traditions, customs, language, religion, education, health systems, jobs, industry, political systems and the soul of the British people have been completely decimated.

  6. I have to agree with David but many of us have been saying that for years. Remember the hullabaloo about illegal immigrants getting vouchers? Government caved in to the liberal lefties about that.

    Do you think the tories will be brave enough to make radical changes? I'm not getting the vibes.

  7. Sue, if they can do so much harm in 12 years, ostensibly so much good might likewise be achieved. It just needs the same will to accomplish. Here's hoping!
    As for Tory "vibes", Subrosa, powder dry is very important, mustn't frighten the natives! Just think of how Labour rubbish opposition initiatives whilst quietly implementing or nicking them.

  8. David Shepherd4 April 2009 at 20:37

    When I were a lad, back in the eighties, due to circumstances beyond his control, my father spent a lot of time unemployed. Life on benefits was quite character building for me. I remember well joining the queue for free school meals(a voucher system) & the infamous state issue freebie school uniform ("value" parka, shoes, and trousers). This marked you out as a kid whose father was on benefits, and I remember vowing there and then my own children would not have to go through this,
    I felt ashamed and humiliated- even though it was not my fault. There has to be some form of shame/humiliation in claiming benefits-which should only be a safety net and not as today, a career choice. Make it a sustainable lifestyle, and you will never get the claimants to look for work.

  9. "Make it a sustainable lifestyle, and you will never get the claimants to look for work."

    I remember in the early nineties a riposte to these arguments was, "People have to have some pleasures". Those of us who have known real hardship do not take things as a right or for granted. To survive we have to eat, to be warm find heat. We need to be responsible for our own lives but help others whenever we can. Not just sit on our arses chanting or accepting left wing crap that somehow it's always somebody else's fault.