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Thursday, 9 April 2009

More Labour and Police Stupidity.

Is This To Be Our Future?

Our most senior ant-terrorist officer strolls into The Bunker, wafting "secret" documents for all to see. I suspect he had already sequestered the demo CCTV footage from last weeks G20 killing. For terrorist purposes of course. Surely there were masses of footage plus their own covert filming to determine the behaviour of police towards Mr Tomlinson. Quick, (pun alert) say Labour spinners, come up with something to disguise our military aims as a defense force for Snotty. I know, terror arrests are always a good diversionary tactic. It really is getting more and more scary. If they are intending not to hold an election next year they will be ready to crush any protest, as we have already witnessed.


  1. Me? I'm staying indoors. Even indoors I'm still scared of our police - despite having been one 1959 - 1976!!

  2. I left the city 5 years ago. The rural idyll is just about OK but the signs are that the creep is getting greater.

  3. Thankfully at the moment Scotland isn't too badly affected but it will creep northwards I'm sure. Of course we have our own police force here and I've not heard of them undertaking this type of training.

  4. I work next to a divisional police headquarters. For the past four months we have been traeted most days to continuous shouts of "Get back, get back" whilst they undergo their training in how to control the people who pay them. Hardly anti-terrorist training, more like training to subdue the masses, methinks.

    I used to have such respect for the police, but their attitude to ordinary people is such that I wouldn't waste breath on them, let alone give them a hand in any kind of situation. I never thought I'd see myself writing that, but the situation that Mr Tomlinson found himself in hardly endears one to today's plod, does it?

  5. killemallletgodsortemout said...
    "to today's plod, does it?" or much else in today's Socialist Britain!