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Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Left Keeps Failing.

The Sunday and now Monday papers continue to uncover greed and avarice within the heart of Labour's Cabinet. Hoon claims thousands, Darling plunders The Taxpayer and they all genuflect to Trougher in Chief, nose picker, snotgourmet, Brown. All the time they churn their spiteful propaganda, using the bulimic champion, adulterer and all round piglet, Prescott. Hypocrisy and bullying the tactics of the early nineties. Get Dan Hannan for telling the truth, not just about plotter Snotty but the sacred cow of Labour, The NHS. Did Dan run Stafford, is he a social worker of baby P quality, an abuser of staff like Prescott. Nope, a decent right wing common sense sort of guy. The very epitome of Labour's fear. Well, my fat slob, bring it on, Lardy. You can't have long to go. This is shaping up nicely.


  1. You shouldn't be up this late, old'un! Like the sentiments, though!

  2. Iain has posted :Why Does Brown Claim a Second Home Allowance?

    It's good they're all being exposed, unfortunately, the Tories are troughing too so are in no position to use the scandal as a reason for resignations or an election.

    I am suffering from anger fatigue today!

  3. "Tories are troughing too"
    Sad though this is, Sue, there has been a greater desire backed by effort from Cameron to clamp down. There is an element ogf human nature involved. How straight would we be if a lifetime of financial security beckoned?
    I still believe, however, that left wing dogma, (redistribution of wealth and equality, regardeless of skill, intelligence or capability) makes the felonies of these ministers, ably abetted and copied from The PM, worse than anyone else. It is a monumental act of hypocrisy to preach to us whilst gorging on the hard up Country.

  4. You have a point. No one expects greedy Tory businessmen to do anything but grind down the workers, whilst pulling the pound notes from their pay packets and refusing them free school milk.

    Labour MPs though, are championing the minimum wage, advocating equality for all and the redistribution of wealth from the richest to the poorest. 45%, nay make it 55% tax for all those earning over £100,000.

    So you are right that it is even more repellent when they fix their own salaries to avoid this tax, exempt themselves from drinking and smoking bans, put their own little darlings into the private, or at least the best state schools. Allow themselves business expenses that no private company could dream off, bring in increased fuel and road tax duties under the guise of being green, yet ensure that they can claim these back as expenses themselves.
    And much much more.

    Sometimes I despair of my own kind's greed. Especially the total hypocracy of the left.

    {but then I remember the MP's slogan.
    L'Oreal. Because we're worth it}

  5. The constant sleaze allegations are hurting Labour badly as these stories really stick in the voters' minds. The Budget could really turn the public against Labour when they hear what the next 12 months has in store for us.

  6. The English papers seem to be keeping up the pressure on the issue of the expenses which will be published later. Good tactic as LFAT says. The Scottish papers aren't saying so much and that disappoints me. I expect their excuse is that the MSP's are far more transparent with expenses. They can't even buy a toilet roll here without a formal receipt.

  7. Yes but the budget might also say here you are , look we have borrowed a lot to give to the banks, but being labour we held a bit back for you, our hard working middle England swing voters. Yes and the unemployed the sick the disabled Will be exterminated but you our beloved swing voters will get a tax break.