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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Labour's New Army of Bullies.

Does not this black and white picture resonate with last week?

The disturbing pictures of Mr Ian Tomlinson being man-handled by police are covered everywhere. Lead story for Al jeBeeB, The Guardian and so on. Normally I would be apoplectic with rage. Today I feel abject sadness and horror. I wrote of Labour's spin factory. I forgot to show a vat of spin for how wonderful the G20 policing was. In every walk of life this dreadful Government has reached it's tentacles. More obsessed with control and power than any care for the good of the people. Headteachers appointed to earn huge salaries providing they toe the line on policy. The same for social services, hospital managers and chief constables. Council Chiefs and executives all either placemen or under fear of redundancy and loss of pension, if failing to please Whitehall and Downing Street. Just remember the mendacious, bullying nastiness of Alistair Campbell presiding over security briefings because Blair was in love with him. An Attorney General appointed because he was Blair's flat mate. An MP "appointed" by Brown in Glenrothes because he was a previous headmaster of Brown's. So few brilliant people with great expertise overlooked because they were not "on board" The Labour juggernaut of despotism and control. Mr Tomlinson's tragic death is a stark reminder of how Hitler began.

The only question to be answered is where this beginning will end? Platitudes from Brown and Labour cannot hide the way we are now governed. Incompetence, sleaze, greed and mendacious arrogance. Gordon Brown, you are a disgrace.

Getting there?


  1. Yes OR, and it makes very uncomfortable viewing. When I first saw the video of police breaking up the Bishopsgate climate camp (I've posted it on my blog)it brought to mind flashes from history and made me very uneasy.

  2. Not just uncomfortable viewing GV, it's nearly unbearable for me. Who would have thought that in the last 60 years Britain would have become reduced to this. Certainly not me and that's why it's unbearable.

  3. I'm from Yorkshire SR, we're known for our understatement and sardonic asides.

  4. GV, some Yorkshire grit very much required in these times.

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  6. I have a son-in-law who is a policeman. I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.

    Totally brain-washed, totally PC. An utter, utter hoon of the highest order. He would - and he has said so - nick his own mother, just like a nazi.

    My heart goes out to the family of Mr. Tomlinson, and may he rest in peace.

    Other words fail me, I'm afraid.

  7. killemallletgodsortemout..........

    It's like so much of public service under Labour. The scum rises to the top, the cream goes sour.

  8. Back in the 'good old days', when Ceausescu reigned over the Socialist Republic of Romania) I was in a Black Seaport unloading cargo off a British ship.
    The whole port was of course barriered off, just in case anyone tried to escape the workers paradise, and those allowed in to fish off the sea wall were searched on the way out, so that they had to declare the numbers of fish caught. The rule was anyone could walk through with two fish, but if any more had been caught, they had to be offered to the gate guards.
    One unfortunate had indeed caught five fish, but only declared four, hiding the fifth behind his coat; but the wait through the queue was long, and the slime dripped down the back of his thin coat, and betrayed him.
    He was slung out of the queue, beaten to his knees, and kicked unconscious.
    We, the officers off the ship, called an ambulance as he lay, completely ignored by everyone else, and arranged that he be taken to what passed for a hospital.
    We never found out what became of him!

    It may be said that that was a long time ago, but the same ethos applies; once the velvet glove comes off, the bullies are given full rein, and the club and the truncheon rule!

  9. I would have thought that the Nu Met Police would have learnt from their attempts to spin the Menezes shooting but clearly not. This shower of s**t just can't help themselves.

  10. It's becoming quite surreal. I can't believe we seem to be actually devolving socially rather than evolving to a more civilised age.

    Unfortunately, that's what socialism brings, it's as ancient as Islam and as backward. It takes away personal freedom and gives it to the state.

  11. Thank you all for great input. I still cling to the hope bloggers really will make a difference.

  12. "subrosa said...

    Who would have thought that in the last 60 years Britain would have become reduced to this. "

    Only anyone around at any significant protest or anti-fascist march of the last forty years. Fifty years, eighty years.. it depends how far back you want to go. Churchill sending in the troops against striking miners? Thatcher politicising trhe police to eradicate collective rights? Anyone from Yorkshire who was around in 1984?

  13. Down with that sort of thing.