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Friday, 24 April 2009

Is There No End To Labours' Shame?

Which of these two men shown in these pictures do you wish to have living here? Snotty and his band of fuckwits give a fortune from our taxes to one of them. One of these men has sons convicted of fraud. Which one gets Woolly Woolas's endorsement? Which one epitomises this Labour Government?

Can there be any greater statement of 12 years of Labour moral compass? An economy in ruins, a Nation fractured? Bankers glorified with ill gotten pieces of silver? Set The Ghurka regiment on Downing Street and lets sort out Snottyarse once and for all.
I suspect this was released to hide the terrible depression numbers. Well, I see it all as a big black hole where a Government used to be. The cavern is so huge you can no longer see the halfwits digging furiously down below. Piano wire's too good for them.
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  1. Your post is far more eloquent than mine as usual but the message is the same. I'm still furious.

  2. You are so kind, Subrosa, as always. Why do we have these people in power when there are so many decent folk to choose from?

  3. Funny I was talking about this and was told the problem is most of the people who want to come here have disabilities or injuries or just to old to work, but they did work they fought for us for god sake.

  4. Spot on, Robert. Will you be in Hereford in the coming months?