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Monday, 27 April 2009

How they manipulate us.

BBC Controller Lectures On The Selection Of Audiences!

In my naivety I used to think that Question Time on TV and Any Questions on R4 would reflect, in its audiences, the character and nature of the area from which it was broadcast. That was many years ago. I gained access to a Hereford programme only by pretending to be a raving leftie and it worked. Then last Autumn I learnt, fortuitously, that the radio programme was coming to Ludlow. Sure enough, the effort to gain a place was fraught with difficulty. Not least when I learnt of the significant number of places required to be reserved for The BBC. So I and a good many other people placed our names on a standby list. I learnt on Sunday from friends who did gain a place that in the region of 40 seats were not occupied. I bet in Labour areas they are always full. It would appear that the growing desire to take on Labour representatives is not to be encouraged. I don't give a toss what weasel excuses the Brown Pravda Champagne Dimbleby Dynasty might choose to come up with, it stinks of the endemic control The State and it's elite Mandarin culture wish to exert. Freedom, not a chance. Thought control and manipulation. Scary stuff. In the light of the destruction and havoc wrought on us by Labour, it seems trivial. It is not, it is part of the treachery we are forced to pay for.

Below a handpicked BBC audience practice for an upcoming show!

Anyone care to suggest what they might be chanting?


  1. I'm remember a 2001 QT on 9-11. One of the panel member's was a former US ambassador to Britain who was left close to tears after vitriolic abuse was heaped on him by women in headscarves.

    Hardly watched the programme since. Enjoyed the Littlejohn bitch-slapping of Toynbee on YouTube though!

  2. Thanks, Hank. I remember that disgusting episode as well. We just have to keep on at the bastards, though. In Hereford I was able to land a metaphorical blow on Hoon the hoon. Most satisfying for one of the little people.

  3. The BBC, soldiers, chanting? By the left, Quick March, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left....

  4. Demetrius said..........

    Ha, ha, ha, nice one!

  5. I got on QT once - I'm sure it's because I claimed I was of mixed parentage (which is perfectly true - 1 man, 1 woman)

  6. The programme is an pure example of the UK today - manipulated by the labour party who are funded by the unions.

    I can't understand for the life of me why people pay into unions who just throw their hard earned money at Gordon Brown and his crew. It must be 30+ years ago that I started to sign that I didn't want my money to go to the labour party but charity. Are all public servants stupid? I don't mean non-intellectuals btw, I mean just deplete in common sense.

  7. I can't understand for the life of me why people pay into unions who just throw their hard earned money at Gordon Brown and his crew............

    The number of times it has been tried, to get an opt in rather than opt out, are legion. I, too, could never understand members' mentality. Especially when you see the Union Bosses troughing every bit as much as their political masters.Hateful!

  8. I'm think they're chanting "It started in America", or "Gordon will lead us to salvation"

  9. Boombastic, perhaps they are chanting "Gordon is a goner, bring back Blair!"