Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Guess whose woken up?

They are beginning to see the light. Send Gordo an old shirt!

Could this really be the beginning of the end of Socialist Britain? Please let it be!


  1. Morning OR, another dreich day so no gardening here. I miss my hour or two outside every day.

    You feel people are wakening up down your way? Great! What is it about this island that causes this lethargy? Must be the tea.

  2. Hi, Subrosa! I really do think there is a burgeoning awareness. Might be temporarily assuaged by the borrowing. Initially the billions being printed or begged will seem like it's Christmas boom time once more. Sadly those losing theitr jobs won't share this latest splurge. It will also be short lived.
    As for the waking up, the latest polls point that way but I never trust the darn things!
    Weather here also damp but garden definitely beckons.

  3. A cattle prod may soon become superfluous if Brown's scorched earth policy gets rumbled.

  4. I think the interwebby is starting to make a difference. People were just so fed up with politics and even more their apologists in the MSM. I feel that Hannan's video and Guido's slaying of the spinmeisters has given some of us hope that we can make a difference. Until I discovered all this blogosphere malarkey I was seriously worried that I was the only one thinking like this!

  5. Great comment, Wolfie. I felt just the same and I fully agree it a new outlet for a good rant and it can actually make a difference.