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Saturday, 25 April 2009

G7 Screws G20!

Have you sent a shirt to Gordon?

Finance officials at odds over IMF funding plan

Unlike the jamboree organised by Jimmy Snotpicker for his own vanity and terrific bounce in the UK polls, (do you all remember sunshine, my pussycat?), the G7 countries are closeted in Washington trying to bail out The IMF! The real Brown's nappy content we are all in, is nervously whispered in these closed, secret meetings. Now who has loads of dosh, readies, gold and raw material backed reserves, spondoolah, real money. Not the useless Government and Bank IOUs favoured by the crooked Bilderbergers of The West, that's for sure. So these stupid Bildibugs are begging, begging the emerging countries to part with their savings to, guess what, pour into the enormous black hole Iraq and Afghanistan have made. Now our historically wise Chinese and others are saying make the IMF bailouts with bonds (IOUs) backed by our assets if the recipient Nations don't default. Whoops, we need cash because Gordo has discovered that the printed wallpaper, non-asset supported toilet rolls he is relying on to beg with are not good enough.

Still with me? The Yanks can go with this. Got lots of raw materials, expertise, weapons and so forth to trade with. Now poor old Alistair is saying we need cash to design and build our goods with before we could honour any interest payments. About 30 years time, maybe. I understand the rest of the gathering have yet to stop laughing. Boy are we in the mire.

Dacre's best chum, Brummer, claimed today The UK had pledged £15 billion to the IMF. How stupid that would have been. Can't surely be true when Brown is about to welsh on a Eurofighter purchase for lack of readies. Poetic license and a day late methinks since he is speaking on Friday and before the latest missive from the meeting was leaked!

Alistair ponders how to tell Snotty they said no to his overdraft request.


  1. If your post is even a little bit accurate what the hell happened?

  2. Oh OR not a happy post is it, but there's not much to be happy about in the UK political world. How I wish the tories would up their game a little and show some strength.

  3. "How I wish The Tories would up their game a little and show some strength."

    We are trying. Still very tough to get hold of the terrible mess still to unfold. It is so very liike the late 1930s but we fought our way out of that! I have thought that David Cameron has shown great character after the loss of his son. Quiet dignity is what's required. A team working together, SNP and Tories will be a saviour of The UK. The LibDems may yet take second place from Snotty's gang, too. So still a tiny glimmer of hope!

  4. The current position is scary. Never has so much been borrowed by so few to achieve so little. We will be paying the bills for generations after this lot. Let's hope the international money lenders send him a warning soon.

    John Redwood

  5. Thank you so much for dropping by, Mr Redwood. My take is always from a less informed but still passionate level.

  6. A powerful figure on your blog. Is that for real? Mind you you are getting better by the day. This post ranks amongst one of quite a few favourites!