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Thursday, 2 April 2009

The G20 communique!

To this end we are implementing the Action Plan agreed at our last meeting,

We have committed ourselves to work together with urgency and determination to translate these words into action.

We commit to implementing the World Bank reforms agreed in October 2008.

We will refrain from competitive devaluation of our currencies.

On and on the piffle goes. Fundamentally we've had a great time here in London. So good we thought we would do it again soon. Maybe Rome or Monte Carlo. Two a year at least, costing no more than a few billion quid a year. Oh what stupid fools they think we all are.

I can only refer to my post of last evening and my post below.


  1. I typed a superb comment on the post below, and me computer went and crashed. My missus reckons it was something to do with the gummint being able to see that I was commenting on the G20 self-congratulatuion exercise, and pulling the plug on the computer.

    What the buggery bollocks are we doing wasting such an amount of money on such a nothing event. It just beggars belief.

    TWO hotels at Stansted airport have been taken over by Essex Police to house Old Bill from the night of Osama'a arrival until he's buggered off. That cost alone would feed the domestic whims of the Home Secretary and her husband FOREVER.

    Scandalous just doesn't come near to it. I'm fucking livid.

  2. killemallletgodsortemout said...

    At least we still have this blogging outlet. I dread to think for how much longer, though.

  3. I've avoided the whole thing as much as possible. Music all the way on TV or the Geographic channel. Otherwise I pottered around in the garden in 18 degrees and it was lovely.

    If I hadn't behaved as I have then I would be feeling exactly like killemail.

    Auch your blog STILL isn't updating on my bloglist Oldrightie. I'll remove it and put it back on AGAIN.

    It does worry me too that the plug could be pulled on google bloggers. I don't know where else to blog and it's simple on google for idiots like me.