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Friday, 3 April 2009

The Dan Hannan Award.

I herebye formally propose a UK Blog of The Century Award be made to Mr Daniel Hannan.
This award is for services to the oppressed peoples of Great Britain who are possibly condemned to a further year of snot picking, posing and grandstanding by one of the most detestable creatures ever to walk this lovely land. As this creature sat penned in a little cubicle, our nominee gave verbatim and succinctly the feelings of 70% of this Nation. The other barely 30% nodded furiously in agreement before realising their lords and masters were watching their every move.
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  1. Ah, that means I go fourth. Oops, I shouldn't use that particular expression, should I…

  2. Two million hits on YouTube. Says it all.

    Top man!

  3. Unfortunately, the response from McMugabe Junior was exactly the same as he gives us ( the electorate) a simpering, snivelling grin, knowing and accepting the words, but ignoring the reality!