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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Burnham gets heckled..........

All seemed OK..................

Then he mentioned Gordy!

Strange Gordo didn't want this terrific photo op, wonder where he was? Bunkered down, no doubt. Or out googling for a new pal? Hillsborough was a great tragedy, let it rest? Perhaps. I do consider grief a private and personal matter but I also admire the collective memorial tributes when carefully done. I did not think a Government Minister was quite the right person for this job. A player from that day might have been better.


  1. He went to Aberdeen for the funeral of the people in the offshore helicopter crash.

  2. Yup, saw him from an overhead camera. Looked rather different than usual.

  3. You know who that Burnham looks like, that chap from Sunshine Desserts in RIP who always used to say "Super".

  4. Sunshine is, of course my "Brown's" bounce cat!