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Monday, 13 April 2009

Brown's latest spin.

Hypocritical Chutzpa.

Gordon sings a ditty to his lost love!
"Like the overwhelming majority of figures in public life across the political spectrum, I entered politics because of a sense of public duty and to improve the lives and opportunities of those less fortunate than me. My undivided focus as Prime Minister is on acting to make Britain a fairer, safer and more prosperous nation and, in particular, on guiding the country through the current economic difficulties. The public would expect no less and would also expect the highest possible standards from all their politicians and all those who work for them."

How can the man who has destroyed the pensions of millions of people, me included claim ownership of this claptrap. I despair of this Labour Party and the vicious nastiness they posses. My riposte, get down dirty with the pathetic, money grubbing cretins. Just look at a comment from my post below. They start a turf war then whinge when it bites them in the bum. pathetic.


  1. Gordoom


    A turd of the highest ordure. (Look it up, anonymong).

  2. Hi, buddy, thanks for the support.

  3. Even the Labour voters must be wondering what the hell he is doing right now.

  4. LTFA, it's good to have them start to understand our loathing of their movement, which has spawned such terrible people in power.

  5. Has anyone seen or heard Brown lately? (or should I say McClavity). Perhaps we should all check our garage roofs.