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Friday, 3 April 2009

Brown's finest hour?

Eduardo Suarez, El Mundo, Spain

"It was funny to see all the journalists leave his press conference before it was over to get to Sarkozy's"

As expected, the Labour controlled MSM are drooling over this fantastic jamboree. The dead protester quickly forgotten, the huge cost washed down with Californian wine, the circus tent inflated to its maximum with hot air, then filled with money we can ill afford. Well, if Brown is so wonderful at pomp and circumstance, why was this wasteful gathering necessary in the first place? Mandelson snake boasted how the IMF call out should not be stigmatised.
So there you have it. Brown's whirlwind luxury jet setting was all about the begging bowl. Pump more borrowing guarantees into The IMF to cover his bad gambling debts at home and hold a massive party bash to cover it up. Brilliant.

He loves me more than you Brownstain!


  1. Seems rather like McBroon is going to the IMF begging for some dosh then?

  2. Yoohoo, I've just been showing my under gardener your site and he's actually been motivated to help me tidy things up this evening and that's after an afternoon of golf! So thank you both I still would have been hoovering leaves if it's wasn't for your inspired work.

  3. I see your poll IS THE PM DERANGED.

    The other week when typical right wing blogs were writing such things as "Gordon Brown is a lying, fat, mental, deviant, weirdo of the highest order" he complained to his aides "Why are they saying I'm fat?"

    So, put me down for a yes.