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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Brown's Etiquette?

I was appalled to watch Snotty jostle to be next to Obi this morning. This all culminated in, eventually, The First Lady diving through the door to avoid Cyclop's scrum. She was followed by our embarrassment of a leader, Lardy. Behind him, Obi, to his credit, ushered Snotty's now confused Sarah in before him. For one moment she looked panic struck that the door would close on her. What a terrible piece of unpleasantness for Mrs Brown. Still, I suppose it comes with the territory of Lavender marriages.

Ugh, Brown, always doing The Labour trot!


  1. What a embarrassing mannerless twat the snot gobbler is. Sarah should never let the ignorant slob near her with that turkey baster ever again.

  2. Hi, Hank,
    Wasn't it cringe making? You're right about the baster!

  3. I noticed that too, he has no manners. He is not a gentleman, not even to his own wife.

  4. Gentleman, Sue? I don't think he's man.