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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Any emails Between Police Commanders and Number 10?

After The Revelations from Number 10, How close Are We Getting?

A new bit of video on the G20 policing behaviour (not shown). For those softies defending the beating of Ian Tomlinson, these pictures are even more sickening. A Brownstazi, ten feet tall giving a lesson in misogyny to a 5 foot young girl.
Please let us have emails showing Downing Streets orders to their tame Chief Constables. Oh, silly me, they "Know nothing" or "just obeying orders?"

Some Labour ministers are now condemning Brown's culture. Will decent police officers now condemn their own orders?


  1. Are the police becoming an arm of The Smear Headquarters? Bet they are.

  2. Of course they are anon. They've been gradually drawn into the web in recent years, attracted by the promise of more and more money to make their wheels run smoother.

  3. From the various correspondence I've had with West Mercia following a complaint I made about their drivers speeding (I've another one to make today), the police's attitude towards the public is "get stuffed, we don't care what you think."

    Looks like this attitude is pretty endemic across the country. A lawless bunch who can't be held accountable and just do what they like without fear of being taken to task.

  4. Thank you Richard. I'm sure there are some good guys out there but afraid for their pensions. The bullies are getting more the norm, sadly.