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Friday, 10 April 2009

12 Years of Decline!


Most days I log on to blog, I pick out problems, in the headlines, portraying Labour's daily failings. Each time I do this it is mostly new issues highlighted on that day. Virtually every time, this exercise is halted by the sheer weight of information available. Look at Brown's attempt to blame Pakistan for his stupid border control failings. 10,000 potential terrorists he allows in unfettered every year and it's their fault. Hospitals and schools now badly short of cash. After 12 years and trillions spent.
What is going on? Is there anyone out there who has the faintest idea? Remember, this is information we glean and find and manage to discover. The real state of the shit we have been lowered into by Blair, Brown and that sorry excuse for a socialist movement, we may never find out in my lifetime. Many blame the opposition for not attacking and delving more into the lies and deceit. Yet if you look at Labour's grip on The MSM and their underhand, secretive ways, some sympathy ought to be available. Someone referred to Blair's evasiveness as like "trying to nail jelly to a wall". I think it was William Hague. Well they are so steeped in mendaciousness, subterfuge and nastiness Labour has become seething mass of slime and putrid jelly. Very difficult to handle without the stench causing you to vomit and be ill.
In amongst all this mess, where has the money gone? Investment?
Yup, like a post race bet on a fallen donkey.

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  1. All the money goes into the pay of state workers !! It is that simple.