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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What are Socialists for?

How I imagine Gordon Brown after election night.

I was going to write a tiny thesis on this subject. Use reasoned arguments about historic failure, poor management and failed dogma. Then I perused some of the blogs I follow. I thought about the characters that populate The Labour movement. Toilets, Dolly, Mandleson, Hain, Timney, The Cabinet, Snotty, Prescott, Blair, Kinnock, the show biz luvvies and so on.
Next I mused on are then any sort of OK types. Well..........Field, (ex-Tory), Hoey perhaps, Frau Gisela Stuart, possibly. The more I conjured up images of Puppet Darling, McNumpty and the inarticulate shit for brains that is Labour, the angrier I became.
Millions unemployed, savings decimated, stabbings rife, hospitals decrepit and filthy. Trillions wasted on useless daily initiatives and announcements. Millions on Bilderberger love-ins, education merely a platform for a poseur and shifty, blinking, snout troughing pair of average MPs. People promoted light years beyond their abilities because of their deft sucking up to a depraved, dirty, nasty control freak.
Our once proud country is now a wasteland of chavs, drunks, feckless single child-mothers and hardly a word to articulate between them. Sink estates now worse than they were before Labour lied and cheated their way back to power.
Well, Albion, you are well and truly shafted. Still we must fight on. There is still a minuscule bit of satisfaction in watching the freak show that is Labour. We have front seats at their circus of mendacious fools and fawning, pornographic addicted, hangers on.
Socialism, the natural habitat of idiots, ne'er do wells and hypocrisy. Day after day these people spurt out their propaganda on The BBC, in The Daily Mirror and the supposed intellectual arm of this discredited jamboree of humorless drunks, pederasts, murderers and Kellykillers, The Guardian. All they guard is the stench emanating from their Party.
That the people of The UK have lazily and apathetically allowed this to come about is, in itself a scandal.



  1. Sadly the only catalyst for a cleaning of the stables is another major/world war/revolution.

    Cosmetic changes will be made with changes of government but the general trend for Britain is downwards. We are soft in mind, body and spirit. We are without ideals.

    We are becoming as small as our controlling desires(soft life, pleasure, spend,me, me, me). As a nation we have no dominant aspiration without which we cannot be great/Great.

  2. Maybe his recent trip to South America was to find a nice retirement home where he can't be prosecuted for all his financial crimes against the UK?

  3. savanarola said...
    I sympathise with your comments but don't write off Cameron yet. Totalitarian socialist dogma uses these downtrodden aspects of their regimes to subjugate populations. Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao and so forth. Quote Churchill, "We shall never surrender".

    LFAT, yup and here was an example of his methods to curry favour, if you missed it!


  4. Spot-on, Old Rightie.

    On a par with Stan The Man.

  5. killemallletgodsortemout said...

    That is a marvellous compliment, KEALGSTO, thank you very much. You should enjoy my April 1 spoof!

  6. We're the laughing stock of the world and we're putting on a big circus for everyone to see the clown we have in 'charge' so an excellent post OR. Thanks.

  7. I fully agree, Subrosa. We also have to tolerate the fawning media. A big discussion by a Miss Breathless about how Obi's battle tank's engine has to be kept running to keep the gizmos tcking over. Climate change, what climate change. Bloody hypocrites.

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