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Friday, 20 March 2009

The UK Media Failing.

The cosy world of media reporting. What do you reckon, Toenails and Co.?

I am so very angry at the paucity of identification by the UK media of the plight the country is now in. Just look at the constant stream of awful Government failings, just this week. Hospital blunders, bank failure upon failure, Brown a laughing stock in Europe and America. Billions of our money pissed up against the wall for 12 years with only huge debt to show for it. Meanwhile our infrastructure and public services reduce and decline. Where has the money gone? No savings, no pensions, nothing. Yet the smug media flirt, giggle and smugly ponce about our screens and headlines as though they alone were the chosen ones. Reporting, identifying with the Nation and it's people, doing the job we wish them to do. No chance. Day in day out 24/7 matters of a ministerial resignation magnitude are quickly hushed up. Ministers sleaze, dodgy directorships and vested interest all forgotten. Not so long ago this horror story of incompetence and deceit, mendacity and failure would have resonated via the public, through the media and heads would have, indeed did roll.

The PM's brother's French Nuclear client gets favoured status, nothing. Lord mandymince a multi-millionaire from where? Brown mentally impaired, nothing.

90% of our media should be ashamed at their failure to help protect us. I hope to see the bankruptcy of these people soon. They are as deluded as this Labour Government if they cannot see the reasons for their economic decline. They do not offer their public a platform for the anger we all feel. I am sad to say demonstration beckons and the likes of the
BNP will become stronger. People have so little else to turn to.

This Westminster village of subsidised booze and cronyism, old pals and coterie partying will end. My fear is what will replace it.

Animal Farm is alive and well!


  1. I have a confession. I like the Daily Mail. I used to read it at work on my break, merely because it was easy reading and not too taxing. My work was taxing, programming hurts my brain most of the time and its tedious beyond all comprehension... but it pays pretty well.

    Anyhoo.. what I don't understand is why the Daily Mail (which appeals to working women as well as your stay at home working/middle class mum) hasn't launched a "Resign Gordon/Labour Campaign".. I'm quite puzzled actually as a few years ago, it would have done by now.

    We all know this Government has been the sleaziest in existence so far.. so why haven't they been ousted? Why are they allowed to continue with their harebrained "mentor spying/advising" schemes and their underhand surveillance tactics?

    I'm fucked if I know!

  2. I hope you feel better for that, Oldrightie! You think you're frustrated? Join the club. (Oh, I've just noticed, you already have!)

    Steady the Buffs!

  3. Sue said...

    Sue, Paul Dacre The Mail Editor, shares many similar traits with his "close" friend, Snotgobbler Brown. Dacre was supposed to be taking a lucrative post via Brown but that seems to have gone quiet. Maybe Snotty got upset and sulked. Anyhow frequently Mail (Dacre) lead articles have been priasing Cyclops to the skies over the last 12 years, whilst the rest of the paper has been full of Labour's awfulness.

  4. The Mail and Mail On Sunday seems to be leading current attacks on Labour and their sleaze.

  5. Long may somebody continue this struggle, IEBOC.

  6. It's beyond me too! Labour seem to have total control of the media in the UK which is extremely frightening. I have recently posted two complaints to the BBC, something i thought i would never have to do, over their bias chose of headlines. Also they rarely leave leave the opportunity to comment on labour spokesmen spin items. I guess in fear of all the negative responses. Labour should have been hounded out of office years ago by the media but as you rightly say the media has appalling let the people of the UK down.